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We look forward to each new project with enthusiasm and a commitment to excellence. Our mission is to help our clients maximize their outcomes and exceed their strategic goals. Our key business precept, however, is not so lofty: we enjoy what we do.

We offer a unique advantage in which we are both a fully-qualified licensed general contractor and registered engineering firm. With every project our tenured team ensures thorough due diligence, value engineering and leveraging collaboration to find creative solutions to the most difficult challenges. We implement management processes based on past lessons learned allowing us to anticipate and mitigate potential project issues in the early stages of project development. 

We provide our clientele with the confidence of far reaching experience from licensed professionals.

Taylor Engineering HQ in Yuma, AZ

Taylor engineering Interior Lobby

Taylor Engineering Conference Room

Taylor Engineering Gym


Antonio De Anda PE
Managing Member

Jesse Haines PE
Managing Member




SBA 8(a)

DUNS 080201558

KB-1 Dual Building Contractor
ROC 305112
KA Dual Engineering
ROC 318502
AZ Engineering Firm
Registration 19880-0
Specialty Commercial C-11